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Master Lash Training

Hybrid, Volume & Faux Strip/Wispy

Do you want to be a lash tech?

This course is for you!

Learn all the fundamentals and skills to become a certified lash tech.

Course teaches hybrid, volume & faux strip lash sets.

Volume & Faux Strip

Are you already a lash tech and want to learn a new skill? Or are you a beginner who just wants to specialize in volume or faux strip sets?

This training is for those looking to learn new fanning techniques, differences between fans and different custom lash styles!


Tooth Gem Training

Tooth gems are the latest fashion trend!

Genuine Swarovski Crystals are placed on the teeth to create trendy designs.

Add a new service or a simply start a new business after this training!

Teeth Whitening

& Free Tooth Gem Training

Teeth whitening is such a great service in the beauty industry.

Help others whiten their smile by providing great service!

This training will teach you all the fundamentals and practices to be a successful teeth whitening technician!